Royal Family Protection Services: For the Wealthiest of Families

What It Is, How Much Does it Cost, and Who Offers These Services

The Royal Family Protection Services (RFPS) is a private military company that has been protecting the royal family for over 10 years. Owned by a subsidiary of the British government, this team of highly trained individuals and specialists provides round-the-clock protection with an emphasis on prevention. RFPS does not rely on weapons to provide security but instead uses intelligence gathering and surveillance tools to detect threats up to five hours before they happen. For more information about RFPS’s services, visit official platform. These Royal family protection officers in London are really good at what they do, and you should hire them.

Royal Family Protection Officers In London

What is the main goal of protection services??

The main goal of protection services is to protect members of the client’s staff and their assets, as well as maintain confidentiality. This includes on-site security, executive transportation security, intelligence gathering and surveillance planning for a high risk environment. Protection Services (PS) are primarily focused on prevention rather than detection or response once an incident has occurred.

Who hires Royal Family Protection Services?

This company provides round-the-clock protection with an emphasis on prevention without relying on weapons to provide security but instead using intelligence gathering and surveillance tools. RFPS does not discriminate in who they will work for whether it be Heads of State or private individuals that have been deemed “high value” by PS agents after consultation with expert advisors from various fields.

Can I get this service for me?

Yes, Royal Family Protection Services offers a range of services from full blown security detail to personal protection.

-PS agents gather intelligence on the environment and individuals via surveillance tools such as satellites or drones in order to identify potential threats.